I love to celebrate families, and capture the connections that you share with each other.

My style of photography is very much lifestyle, rather than traditional portrait photography.  Along with lovely images of you and your loved ones smiling and looking at the camera, I love to capture images that show natural family interactions and connections.  I encourage cuddles and games as much as the kids will handle.  And I have ice-breakers and fun little things that I do during the session, to keep things fun and happy.

I like sessions to be nice and relaxed, and I encourage you to be completely yourselves.  I very much go with the flow, and take the lead from the kids.  It is really important to me that they have an enjoyable experience.  I can mix up the session, depending on who is ready for the their photograph to be taken, so that no one is made to feel under pressure.  I find that when the kids can relax and play, and when the parents keep things nice and light, that’s when the best images happen.

My family sessions generally go for an hour, and can be held at either an outdoor location of your choice – beach, park, forest – OR your own home.  I will help you with the selection of your outfits, and with the planning of the session so that it uniquely represents you as a family.  I am also more than happy to dicuss the inclusion of multiple generations in your family session.

Contact me today, to book in your unique family session.

Beck – RJN Photography

Adelaide Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer

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